Fusion Food : Spice Kraft

Revisited one of my favourites, to have some delicious fusion food.


Their iconic Beer Can Tempura Fish (fried fish marinated in tempura flour). The fish is so soft, that it will melt inside your mouth. The unique presentation style, inside of a beer can will make you surprised. A must-have dish at this place.

IMG_20171112_144144004My personal favourite Devil’s Crab Meat (Minced Crab Meat baked with Cheese). First of all, it will be boneless crab meat and will be served inside crab shell, which was incredible to view and taste.


Shepherd’s Pie (No introduction required). An old English dish, and the palpable taste you can find it here. Soft and boneless lamb perfectly blended with cheesy potato. This will be accompanied by garlic bread toast. Spice kraft is one of the few restaurants in Kolkata, where you can find it.


And Chief Chef’s recommendation Fish – En – Papillote (Fish Paturi with Mexican Sauce wrapped in Paper), when I asked for something new. It is a version of Bengali paturi, where the leaf was replaced by thin paper. Slightly sauteed in a pan after baking. The fish they used is basa, but you can find the taste of Mexican sauce inside of the soft fish, hats off to them for their fusion culinary skills.


Accompanying best ever cocktail Grey Goose Lemon Soccer and Strong Liquid Bomb. One is lemony and tangy in flavour and another is strong ice less drink, with the flavour of cranberry juice and rum.

Now some helpful information about this place.

Spice Kraft Location

Location: Hazra Road, near to Ballygunge Phari

Timing: 12-3 pm & 6-11pm

Price Range: Medium-High

Best Dishes of this places are Beer Can Tempura Fish, Shepherd’s Pie, Dajaj Charmoula, Devil’s Crab Meat, Lemon Shayk, Terminator, Grey Goose Lemon Soccer and Strong Liquid Bomb.


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